Thursday, August 7, 2008


We decided to take a vacation with the kids to Minneapolis. I figured if we only made it to Des Moines, we would call it good, but, the kids traveled fantastically and we made it all the way to our destination. It was a great time, but now Ed and I need a restful vacation to ourselves! We went to the zoo, amusement parks, the Mall of America, a water park, and the children's museum. The kids did very well and we are already excited to plan our next outing (what they don't realize is that it will probably be another year from now!).

Ed, Grace and Sam played a round of mini golf. Sam would hit the ball once, then go where it rolled, pick it up and run the ball right up next to the hole. Then he would put it down and tap it in and declare "hole in one", every hole!

We saw many of the Nickelodeon characters, since the amusement park inside Mall of America was run by Nickelodeon. Nate is trying to escape Blue!

Poor Nate did an awful lot of riding in the stroller. Doesn't look like he's too crabby though!

Naps were skipped, dessert was eaten first, movies were watched, snacks were a must, fits were minimal, and at the end of the day, you can see how all the activities affected the boys!

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