Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Stay at the Hospital

I only wanted to be held, and my mommy always gives in!

Entertainment in room 16! Poppy played the princess game with Grace and looked so pretty doing so.
I would rather drink my oxygen than have this rubber thing in my nose again.

Just hanging out in my bed.
Don't think that we just left him in his bed all the time, but do you see the hoses and cords dangling from the railing? We were tethered to the wall and could only go from the bed to the recliner next to the bed.

It saddens me that the only time I can get a picture of the three kids together is in the bathtub! Not sure what we ate for dinner that night, but no wonder Sam is always asking for a snack, most of his meal is on his body instead of in his belly!

I am just trying to update the blog with some more recent pictures of our children. Hopefully, this will work out for me the way I intended it to! O.K., so I don't think the picture is showing on this page, but if you click on the blank box with the red X, where there is supposed to be a picture, a slideshow of Nate should show up!