Friday, August 8, 2008


I think I am a highly frustrated person. I guess that goes with the type A personality. I do not exhibit great qualities when dealing with my children and I hate what I am teaching/passing on to them.

This morning, after a rough week, I thought it to be a great idea to serve Grace some Gatorade for breakfast as she was not able to keep anything down yesterday. Whose idea was this?? It seemed fine at the time, not a lot of harm done. Of course, what Grace gets, so does Sam. Anyway, the entire bottle of Gatorade was spilled by Grace all over the clean kitchen floor, the wall and baseboard, the table and chairs and her.

After expressing my displeasure, I grabbed Nate (who was waiting to crawl through the big mess), a roll of towels and went to work. I let my tongue lash out at both Grace and Sam (even though Sam didn’t do anything, this time), and informed them that from now on, they are only allowed sippee cups since they obviously aren’t big enough to handle a real cup yet.

I got the mess cleaned up, sat down at the computer and proceeded to drip a little diet coke on the keyboard. Mad at myself now, this could have been more of a problem than something spilled on the kitchen floor and how silly of me to ream my kids when I turned around and did the same thing. I went and apologized to Grace and asked that if an accident like that happened again, that she please offer to help me clean up the mess or help in some other way.

This type of thing happens all the time for me and I am very slow to learn and change my behaviors/reactions. At least I know that I do this and that is one step in the right direction. Here’s to a lovely Friday!

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