Monday, August 18, 2008

The Big K

That is kindergarten! You heard it, my baby will be starting school tomorrow and I am a wreck. Thank goodness that we still have only half day kindergarten, because I am really going to miss my girl.

I am terrified, not because she is leaving my care, but now I am forced to get it together! Being on time, sending in the right papers, knowing when school is in session and when it is not, having clean clothes (because I'm sure they don't have pajama day once a week at school), taking the snack when it is my turn . . . . the list goes on. Let's just say that being home with the children, well, everyday is pretty unstructured for us.

When I was teaching, my time was dictated by the clock. Lunch was at 11:23 and we had 18 minutes to eat, there were exactly 4 minutes to use the restroom between classes, the warning bell rang 2 minutes before class ended, etc. You get the picture. When I quit, I threw out my watch and decided that I no longer needed to live this way. It was hard at first, but now I never know the time, or care to know!

We are beginning a new chapter in our lives and it is scary. I have never had to turn over the care of any of my children to anyone else for any length of time. I have been in charge of the care of my children, what they wear, who they play with, what they eat, etc., and now I am learning to let go and trust that she will be fine.

Grace does not show a lot of excitement about school, and if you know her, that is typical. Unless it is something that she has already experienced, she is usually apprehensive. We have met her teacher and toured the classroom, but there are still a lot of unknowns for her. I know she will do just fine and love the school experience.

Our plan is to put her on the bus, then follow it to school (so I can get some pictures), and then cry all the way home, then wait for her to return home on the bus. Her backpack is loaded, clothes are clean (not ironed yet), and she is set to go at 12:15. I will post pictures tomorrow of my baby's first day. Happy back to school everyone!

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