Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Post first day

She wasn't too full of words after her first day of school, but I didn't really think she would be. She is the quiet/observer type and when experiencing new things, it really takes a while for everything to soak in. She did tell me that the bus ride and music class were her favorite things.

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Wendi said...

You may have mentioned it before, but until I read your comment today it didn't really sink in that it was only 18 months ago when you lost your little Noah. You are really still in that tough time period and I wish I could give you a big hug...
If it is not too painful, I would like to hear more of your story sometime. Only if you feel up to it...feel free to e-mail me some time. I have a contact button with email address on the left column of my blog.
Grace is such a cutie! Quite a mixture of little girl and grown up. Congratulations on making it through that first day. We have yet to cross that kindergarton bridge, but for me K's first day (and the followng two weeks...) of preschool was just about torture. Silly mommy emotions... :)