Thursday, March 13, 2008

Next Calvin Klein model?

I'm not sure what got into me on Tuesday, but I decided today was the day I was going to potty train Sam. Not sure what was special about today, hadn't even planned to do so on this day. All I had really hoped for is to pick up the house and be a good mom to the kids. I got some wild hair idea that he was finally going to do it (not that I had been trying - that would have involved too much work!). Mind you, he has been pooping on the toilet for about a month now, I know, backwards from what we all read and experience for most kids, but this is Sam, remember. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about peeing. After we had three pairs of wet big boy underwear that morning, I think something finally clicked with him. He was accident free the remainder of the day! I decided to go cold turkey from diapers to underwear as I did with Grace. My opinion is that Pull-ups are pretty much overpriced diapers anyway. Wednesday, we had many errands to run while Grace was at preschool, and I didn't want to chance an accident, so we opted for the diaper for public appearances. That afternoon, no accidents the rest of the day. He pottied Wednesday night before bed, got up and went Thursday morning and his diaper from the night was bone dry! Thursday we had plans to go to gymnastics and I decided to take my chances and go for the underwear in public. Much to my surprise, he did wonderfully and had no

Can you believe that I can write so much about going to the bathroom? I had to take the pictures above, because he is so proud of his new garments. We will of course see how the rest of the weeks to come play out, but I have been pleasantly surprised. By the way, I ditched the potty chair for Sam -- it grosses me out too much and I figure that he can just learn one pot and take it from there.

Probably more than anyone cared to know, but this is my life!

Nate is Crawling

Boy have we come a long way in the last couple of months! Nate has now mastered crawling and is pulling up on everything. He sure is fast, and plays a game with me similar to hide and seek, I am always the seeker! He is up the stairs in no time flat and thinks he is hot stuff. After he started crawling, he said his first word, mama. Did this ever melt my heart or what -- he is the only one who hasn't said dada first. He is developing such personality and loves to interact with Grace and Sam. They are so good with him and often "compete" for his attention. As you can see from the video of him crawling, he still has no hair -- no surprise there, as none of the others had much of it either.

See my teeth

I'm a big boy now