Monday, July 21, 2008

Cleaning, Cleaning

Have you ever looked forward to days of cleaning? Funny thing is, sometimes I do. At least it gives me a sense of accomplishment of the work involved. We have been very busy the last month or so and the house has gotten a little out of hand. So, we just stayed home today and worked in the kids rooms. This weekend, Ed was so kind to help with the idea I had to put up bunk beds in Sam's room. Little did he know what he was getting himself into. I had envisioned that the project would take a couple of hours or so, but we finally finished it before bedtime on Sunday night. I had bought two bed frames from a garage sale and decided to put them together to make bunks. However, one minor detail was that we only had one frame for the bed. I didn't think it would be too difficult to build another, and it wasn't, but as you know, nothing is ever as easy as it appears. All things done, it did turn out just the way I pictured it.

Today I have worked on picking up and cleaning the rest of Sam's room. Next up, Grace. This girl is a packrat already at age 5. She had stashes of all the happy meal toys she's ever received. Funny thing is, that I have always thought I did a pretty good job at throwing these things away often, since they really don't play with any of them. I had to take pictures of their clean rooms, because, frankly, they hardly ever look this way!

This is all that I have managed to do today (well not exactly), besides breakfast, lunch, diaper changes, shower, dressing, etc.

Speaking of cleaning out, isn't it wonderful when you find something you have lost or didn't even know you had? I was trying to label and organize all of our little tapes from the camcorder. I had to watch all of them to see what was on each one. I came across yet another tape and put it in and found footage from January 2007 of me holding Noah in the NICU. I don't even recall anyone taping this, but by some miracle, we have it. It felt so great to find such a surprise (kind of like putting on a jacket/coat at the beginning of the fall/winter season and finding a $10 bill or something). Someday, when I learn to post that kind of video on here, I will share it with you. One thing that makes me so sad is that so many of you did not even get to meet Noah while he was here. Some of you did not make it to the NICU, so the video is so good for everyone to see what life was life while we were there. For those of you who don't know about this part of our lives, I will have to spend a little unterrupted time and blog about our story sometime. For now, enjoy the rest of the afternoon :)

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Kris Was Here said...

I'm impressed. Even clean I would not have the courage to post pictures of our rooms. Great job on the cleaning and bunk beds.