Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can you spare a square?

Once again, we reach to the floor for our squares of toilet paper. This has become a recurring theme in our house lately. But isn't the culprit cute? I don't even bother to roll it all back up anymore.


Wendi said...

Oh my goodness Kellie! I am so glad that you 'de-lurked'. :) I can not believe how similar our stories are. Amazing. Your family is beautiful and I love your blog. Thank so much for commenting on mine. :)

Elizabeth said...

very cute! my daughter is very interested in the TP but I've been (so far) able to keep her away. :-)

i found you through Wendi's blog.

Becoming Me said...

He is darling!

Kris Hicks said...

I had this problem. I got a "baby proof" tiolet paper cover. Unfortunately, I got so frustrated with the stupid cover I decided to trash it. Besides, I need the exercise of bending over to pick up the toilet paper.

Maybe Nate is going to be a personal trainer in the future.