Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just My Opinion

Last May, our family participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk in Kansas City. I think we did really well as a team at raising a lot of funds to go toward preventing premature births. I do however, have a complaint about most all organizations like this one. Lately, I have been receiving all sorts of things from the organization thanking us for our participation and the donations we helped raise. I certainly don't mind the letter of thanks, but I wish it would stop there. As you can see by the plaque that is pictured, I was considered a top walker in the area. The letter said that only 1% of the walkers raise over $2000. We have also received a "prize" for raising a certain level of money.

More than anything else, I want everyone to know that I would never participate in a walk for any of the "prizes" or the recognition. I only want to help raise awareness/donations to help prevent other family from going through what we have. I only walk so that others don't have to live in the NICU, putting their normal lives out of whack, go on one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride, or even bury their child. I hate that these organizations, all of them do this, must send these items to all the participants. I wish they would just keep the money spent on such prizes, plaques, gift cards, etc. and put it toward helping others. And really, am I really going to hang such a plaque in my house anyway??

I am so glad to be helping such an organization, and knowing that a good portion of the money raised does go for the things I deem important, but I do not need any of the other "stuff". Maybe I don't understand this concept because I worked in the public school system, where we had to scrape our coins together just to get adequate supplies for the kids. I know that many business people are familiar with this "wine and dine" philosophy, but I have a hard time with it when there are so many other useful ways we could spend the money.

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