Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mid Afternoon Musings

Ever feel like a feminine napkin?

That got you looking, didn't it? Anyway, this is not going in the direction some of you may be thinking (clean up your minds - you know who you are!).

This afternoon, while trying to clean up the kitchen, including the floor, I was also feeding Nate a bite of peach yogurt each time he circled through the room. After about the 5th time or so, his face was getting sort of messy. Did I bother to wipe his mouth - NO! Instead, he must have felt the need to wipe his own mouth, all over my pants. Good thing I decided early on that I wasn't going to shower today.

All this, and my sick sense of humor really began to tick. Halloween is just around the corner - how about dressing up a little fancier than today, letting all my many small children rub their grimy hands and faces all over me! A feminine napkin -- I think I am on to something!

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