Thursday, September 18, 2008

Houston: We Have Weight Gain

That's right, Nate has gained some weight this month! We have been in a little slump for the last three months and haven't had much progress, but this month the tables are slowly turning. We have a monthly visit from the nutrition/dietition gal from First Steps where she weighs and measures him and we talk about his eating habits and any other concerns. As I am not worried about the boy starving or anything, I am concerned about him having enough fat for brain development. While I am not worried that he isn't developing in a positive direction, we must be aware that he didn't necessarily start at the same starting line as others his age did, and therefore, we must do everything we can to help close the gap developmentally. Enough said, now, how about a contest? What is Nate's current weight? He is 20.5 months old and 30 inches long. Leave a comment with your guess.

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Congrats Nate and Mommy!! :)

BTW - my new templates are from "the cutest blog on the block". I wish I were that creative. :)

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