Monday, October 13, 2008

Memorial Service 2008

Each year, the local children's hospital puts on a memorial service for all the children that have left us behind. This was the second year we have attended. It wasn't any easier this year from last year. Sitting in a room full of people, families, parents, knowing that all of you have in common the loss of a child, is not ever a place I imagined myself to be.

Someone recently asked me how I could even go (this is also a mother who lost her son after 4 short weeks), and I guess I just feel like this is one way I can publicly honor and remember our Noah. As time goes by, his name is hardly ever mentioned, even though he is with me every day.

Each year, families who lost a child are able to contribute a quilt square to be made and hung at the hospital. At the memorial service the previous year's quilt is unveiled and put on display before being permanently hung in the hospital. Below is a picture of the 2008 memorial quilt and the next picture is Noah's square, lovingly made by my aunt Margie. It looked great and if you are ever at Children's Mercy, stop by and see it!

At the end of the service, everyone is given a box containing a butterfly. We all go outside and after a few words, we release the butterflys into the sky. The kids really love this part and I'm sure the butterflies enjoy it as well!

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

The butterflies would be an amazing sight!

These events are sad, but so healing i think.

I have spoken at two memorial walks since losing JD and it has been so helpful for me!

I know it is tough.