Thursday, October 2, 2008

It is well, with my soul.

Just an update to let everyone know that Nate's surgery went very well and he is back to his sweet self already. I was so relieved when anesthesia informed us that he would not be getting an IV, but instead, just a mask with the anestetic gas to breathe. As Ed handed him off to the nurse, he was sound asleep and when they came for us less than 30 minutes later, he was handed back to us still asleep. I don't think he ever knew what he went through.

Already I think he is feeling better. I have been somewhat concerned about his appetite of late, as he won't eat much of anything for the last couple of weeks. This morning alone, however, he ate 2 regular sized pancakes and a handful of cereal. He seems to be eating better and he is much happier in his temperament. He has been so clingy and fussy lately, and while I love holding and snuggling with him, it has really started waring on me. He has been altogether pleasant and not really fussy at all. My hopes are that this will be his last surgery for a very long time and that he will continue to thrive as he has to this point.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers yesterday. Ed and I were very calm and not consumed with worry throughout the whole morning. Glory to God for watching over us during this time.

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