Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nate's World

Here are a few recent pictures of Nate. As you can see, he is getting to be quite a big boy (all 17 pounds of him)! He continues to grow and develop in an upward direction, which is music to our ears. Of late, we have been battling many ear infections. So many, that, we have now been seeing an ENT. At our first visit, the doctor looked extensively into his left ear, in which he suspected a cyst on his eardrum. Not wanting to talk about ear tubes until we checked further into this cyst thing, we scheduled a CAT scan of his ears. That was yesterday. We assumed that he would have to be sedated in order to have him lay still enough to get through the scan. After much waiting and praying on my part, they were able to get the scan with him being asleep. As we were waiting on the sedation team, I just prayed that they wouldn't have to put him out. My prayers were answered. I know that I am being a little irrational, but with Nate, I have so many fears that he might not wake up from the sedation and so forth! Funny that I don't really have these same thoughts with Grace and Sam so much. Anyway, I got a call from the ENT office today and the report is that everything is normal - for whatever that is worth. I did not speak to the doctor himself, as he is on vacation for 2 weeks! So much for us sleeping through the night in the next three weeks or so! The news is good and bad. Good in that there is no cyst, bad that now we must start at square 1 again and figure out what this abnormality in his ear is exactly. I am pretty sure that they will not schedule surgery for tubes until they figure this out first.
Other than his ears, he is doing very well. You can see in this first picture that he must have gotten a hold of a half eaten pop-tart that was probably lying on the floor! He sure liked it!

He is also quite fond of climbing the stairs oh, about 200 times a day. He thinks it is funny to look down through the spindles at me as I am chasing him.

Eating still wears him out!

He is also starting to climb on whatever is around for him to manuever on. We were at the park one day and he loved climbing on the equipment as well as swinging.

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