Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nate is always smiling, when he's not sleeping!
Grace and Sam pretending to love each other!

Sorry that I have let time get away from me. Things get sort of busy at times. We are busy gearing up for Halloween with parties, parades, trunk-or-treating, etc. Grace has decided she wants to be Hello Kitty this year and Sam is going as a firefighter. Nate, well we will see which costume we own will fit! Grace is enjoying her first year at preschool, and is making new friends. I thought preschool would give me a small break to do errands with only two kids, but I was wrong! Just taking her to and from school, we end up loading and unloading the car 8 times! These carseats sure are safe, but they also are a pain. Grace has also been playing soccer for the first time and she is really enjoying the snack tickets at the end of each game - and also scoring goals! She is also participating in children's choir at church and is starting to come out of her shell just a little. We recently attended a Princess Party which is where these pictures were taken.

Sam is getting very boylike! He is keeping me busy always. He has changed so much over the last 6 months, it is scaring me. He took forever to talk, but now he will not quit. We are looking forward to the time when he can participate in a few more physical activities, as he needs a good outlet for all his energy.

Nate is growing and now has his first tooth! He looks more and more like Sam every day. He is such a good baby, I'm not sure what I did to deserve this (not that Grace and Sam were bad)! I am confident that he will be sitting on his own within the next month or so. He still struggles to eat as much as we would like, but he is also growing steadily so we cannot complain. With winter approaching, we are all scheduled to get our flu shots and trying to keep as healthy as we can. It has been stressed to us that this winter is extremely critical to Nate's overall health and for future lung issues. We will pray that we all stay in good health and that we will have a mild winter!

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klgreenwood said...

Love the pictures, Kellie! Your boys are the cutest, and Grace makes a beautiful Snow White!!!