Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Starting

Hello. I am just trying to figure out how all of this electronic stuff works. I am in the process of trying to create digital scrapbooks of our pictures of the kids. I hope this will be an easy way to share our experiences and pictures with you. Thanks for visiting.

Grace Preschool
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EdDebi said...

Kellie - We love seeing pictures of your kids. Keep 'em coming! I thought I would post a comment so you could take your new learning adventure to a new level. Love you all - Debi Schulenberg

Tina said...

Thanks for your transparency. So many of us struggle and/or have struggled but have not been able to share our pain for whatever reason. God carries our load, but He designed us to help share each others', also. Rest assure, we will help you and Ed through prayer. The Carepages were such a comfort to all of us; that is, reading for ourselves let us know your family's status and specific prayer needs. I hope you can continue to do this through your blog page. We love you and your beautiful children! Nathan is so cute!!! But with his handsome brother and sweet sister, he couldn't help but be cute. He will develop as God has planned it. Haiden continues to amaze us--it's hard to realize it when at 14 he still cannot read his own textbooks or write down a simple phone message or quickly calculate simple addition problems, but he manages to connect to us and his world on his own terms. God has a plan for Haiden for His glory and He's got one for Nathan, too. It is okay to grieve your losses--Noah, a normal pregnancy/delivery and home life with out machines, monitors, etc.--these were things you and Ed have lost. Praise God you are working on your recovery. Ignoring your pain won't give you any lasting healing. Going there and learning how to handle it will mean a great deal to your family now and down the road. If you read this today or sometime before this weekend, let me know--I'd like to see if we could connect with you guys this Sunday morning (the day after Kathy's wedding). Love you dearly--Tina